Haines Mechanical Testimonials

I wanted to write you a letter thanking you for the work you have done for me both personally and professionally at our business. It has been a load off my back to know that I can count on your professional service at any time and know that I will only pay what it costs to fix the problem, not an inflated price that is prefaced by a fee just to show up.

The water conditioning system you installed at our house works great and we can definitely feel a difference in the water. I was so shocked at the end cost that I shared your invoice with a family member. His words to me were "Dave is a well kept secret." Your invoice was substantially less than the other two quotes we received for smaller water conditioning systems. I think your core philosophy of "time and materials" is admirable. There is not another mechanical company out there that I know of that is adopting that type of policy and delivering the same if not better quality.

I will most certainly use your company for all our mechanical needs and have already recommended you to a number of friends and business colleagues.

- Greg Ganse
Vice President
Ganse Apothecary Inc.

Haines Mechanical has been very responsive to my company's HVAC, plumbing and electrical needs for over three years. As a property manager, I need someone who is dependable day and night, treats people with respect, is cost effective and gets the job done right the first time. Haines Mechanical has never left me down!

- Greg Kile

I am so pleased to be able to share my thoughts about working with your company.

I started working with you as soon as I took over as Executive Director of Milagro House in 2008, and as the manager of 8 properties that house offices, a GED school, a Children’s Center and 22 families, I’ve had the pleasure of working with you quite a bit!

Since the beginning, every facet of your business has been exemplary. You’ve been incredibly responsive to my calls. If I do have to wait for a call back (which is rare!) you call me back that day, if not within the hour. And you always make yourself available to handle emergencies and also help me plan logically for longer term projects.

Once on site, the quality of your work is high and your demeanor is always friendly and helpful.

And finally, your pricing is more than fair. I have never once felt like I should question something or that I was being taken advantage of (unfortunately not unheard of when I’ve worked with other vendors over the years). On the contrary, you’ve been extremely generous in donating some time over the years, which is especially appreciated when I’m looking at my very lean non-profit budget.

I can’t recommend your company more highly and I would be happy to serve as a reference to any prospective customers of yours looking for a personal co1nversation.

I look forward to a long and very happy business relationship in the coming years!

- Polly Lauer
Executive Director, Milagro House

Without question, I will always continue to recommend Haines Mechanical to anyone I associate with that needs quality mechanical parts and service at very fair pricing. Haines Mechanical by far out performs most if not all Mechanical Contractors, by virtue of a “Relationship Driven Owner” who’s interested in my satisfaction above all else. Knowledgeable and candid advice, coupled with responsive service and fair pricing is what I’m interested in for anyone who works on my home or business. Supporting a small non franchised local business like Haines Mechanical also feels like the right thing to do instead of feeding the “Big Boys” who think they have the market cornered with gimmicks and slogans. Thank you Dave!

- Michael C. Sheaffer
Associate Broker
NAI Commercial Partners, Inc.

Haines Mechanical is among that rare breed of contractor that treats your property as well as he would his own. I mean that quite literally. He is absolutely passionate about doing a quality job on whatever plumbing, electrical or mechanical work is required while keeping the cost to a minimum. Dave takes care of all my residential and commercial repair work, period. - John Thiry, Iron Keep Holdings

- John F. Thiry
NAI Commercial Partners, Inc.